Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yard Financing Program?
The Yard Financing program is a suite of financing products consisting of Yard Card and Yard Card PLUS.

Why should I use the Yard Financing Program?
It gives your customers special financing offers and terms providing a credit limit or loan at the time an account is established.  This provides you with the ability to offer customers higher end products, while creating a much less stressful decision making process.

How do I sign up for the Yard Financing Program?
Signing up for the Yard Financing program is fast and easy. Just click on the enroll link below to download an application. Fill out the application and return it to TD Retail Card Services, who will review your application and send you all the required supplies upon approval.
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What is Yard Card and Yard Card PLUS?
A revolving charge credit card that can be used for new and used equipment, parts, service, and virtually all products sold at participating lawn and garden dealers.  Loyalty through repeat purchases is also created with your store name embossed on every card that is originated in your store.

Why not just use a debit or bank credit card?
There are special promotions available through the Yard Programs that you can use at any time to close sales.  Various manufacturers or distributors may elect to support product sales with special retail promotions on the card.  You can also use our promotions to meet individual sales objectives.

When is TD Retail Card Services available for processing applications and credit authorizations?
Hours are compatible with your store's business hours (including weekends and evenings).
Monday - Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. EST.
Sunday, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. EST.

What can my customers purchase with the Yard Financing Program?
With Yard Financing revolving customers may purchase all brands of new and used equipment, parts, service, and other products that lawn and garden dealers sell, such as landscaping supplies and go-carts.  (Only guns, ammunition, jewelry, certain motorized vehicles, and boats are excluded).

Do you have a toll-free phone number?
Yes, TD Retail Card Services has toll-free phone numbers to process applications, provide approvals, and answer your questions.
Credit Approvals (Fast App) 1-866-808-5807
Add-On Sales 1-800-688-3448 (VRU Voice Line)
Other Credit Inquiries 1-800-808-6950
Merchant Services 1-800-538-3638
Customer Service 1-866-702-4074
Commercial Applications (Fax) 1-800-627-6386
Commercial Applications (Status) 1-800-556-5010

Are there programs available for use anytime to close sales?
Yes, you are provided with a plan Promotion Guide for each of the commercial and consumer programs which gives various, competitively priced, deferred interest and fixed rate payment options that can be used at any time to close sales.

Do you supply marketing materials that I can use to advertise the Yard Card and Yard Card PLUS financing program?
Yes, please contact the Merchant Services department for marketing materials at 1-800-538-3638.