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Program Services

The strongest retail card programs operate just like “retail”.  They need to be fresh, respond to emerging trends and celebrate a distinctive customer experience. That means flawless execution across a range of needs.
From manning our call center with the right information and attitude to posting sales and payments to mailing statements and welcome kits, our offer is turnkey and meticulously planned before the first card is issued.

New Accounts / Credit
This focused department is the heart of our operation and where your customers’ credit relationship begins.  The mandate is an efficient, seamless and responsive front-end for processing customer credit applications and completing sale transactions. TD Retail Card Services can accept your customers’ applications in a variety of ways including:

  • Point Of Sale
  • Online

All channels are supported by dynamic credit risk management to maximize approvals and credit limits assigned.

Customer Service
With our traditional focus on midsize retailers, we know the need to do more than talk service.  Every customer service discussion at our shop begins with, “We are serving our customers’ best customers”.
Successful retailers know customers need to be instantly recognized and special requests are often possible. We need to mirror those expectations in how we work with your customers. And we do it by taking chance out of the equation.
From activation to retention and even collections - phone policies are carefully reviewed, web-based service conforms to your policies and store calls to our call center enjoy instant response. Standards are set and quantified.
Our call center representatives are tenured, experienced, and reviewed quarterly to ensure our high standards of service are upheld.

The goal is to resolve delinquencies while protecting the “Open-to-Buy”.  The priority is to manage the relationship between the customer, your store and the outstanding balance.  Late paying customers receive reminder calls and letters. We apply our experience through automated systems that include a predictive dialer, skip tracing databases and a “pay-by-phone” service.  We differentiate ourselves by being nimble at managing relationships and taking the time to understand an individual’s situation.


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If you would like to find out how we could help maximize your sales with a private label credit card program, please contact us.
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